Thanks for checking us out.  First and foremost, we are a members’ only clothing optional campground for adults 21 years and older.

Everyone from all backgrounds attend 2C.  It doesn’t matter how you identify your lifestyle, you’re welcome here.

At any given weekend, we could have from 150 to 600 people here, representing all of what life has to offer.

All are welcome, as long as you’re appreciative of others and don’t judge or coerce your view.

If you have further questions or concerns,  please let us know.

We look forward to you coming to Experience The Freedom of Two Creeks. 

Namaste and Hugs,

Stefanie and Glen

Throughout the world–especially in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Europe, you’ll find clothing-optional campgrounds, communities and resorts. Some offer clothing-optional facilities across the properties; others restrict clothing optional areas to particular beaches and bars.  At Two Creeks, you have the option to be nude, clothed or anything in between on the entire property.

What draws many adults, naturists, and others, especially repeat visitors, to Two Creeks clothing optional community in Minnesota?

People are drawn to Two Creeks because of the opportunity to be nude or clothed and have fun with adults over the age of 21.  Children are not allowed.  Many repeat visitors tell us that they like that it’s not a nude/naturist campground with children, but a place for adults to come be them self.

At Two Creeks, it is all about respect. Many first-timers are surprised to find the highest degree of courtesy and manners among the attendees. Perhaps it’s because there are no fashions or brand names to hide behind. With no artificial barriers or facades, people only have only their personalities to present in a social setting.

Our guests are from all social backgrounds, ethnicity, income and communities. What they have in common is the camaraderie of being with open-minded people.  Our weekend visitors find this relaxed acceptance so refreshing, both mentally and physically, so they return again and again. Not only do they want to return again, and again, but many have become “citizens” of Two Creeks; many have sold their boats, cabins, etc., just to have the opportunity to be with free spirited souls, May 1 – October 31 every year (depending on the weather, we could open as early as April 15 and close about October 15 or so).

What surprises many first time visitors to Two Creeks Clothing Optional Community?

Many visitors are surprised as to how quickly they become comfortable.  Many arrive feeling shy and a bit self-conscious about exposing them selves to strangers for the first time.  However, it is natural to be a bit self-conscious the first time you venture out nude in front of other people. That is, many realize that their bodies are just as perfect (or imperfect) as anyone else.  So they soon become at ease, because they realize that they are not surrounded by TV models, movie stars or those who consider them self to be a “10”.  But rather they are among hard working, freedom loving people of all shapes and sizes, who enjoy being around kindred spirits.

For those new to clothing optional resorts, what etiquette points are most important for them to follow to fit in and feel comfortable?

Well, the same socially acceptable rules apply in a nude or clothing-optional setting as in a clothed setting.   Just show courtesy, respect and manners and you’ll get the same in return.  Many attendees have formed long lasting friendships, by meeting at Two Creeks.

What is the difference between a clothing optional community and a nude/nudist/naturist  campground/resort?

Usually, a nude/nudist/naturist means that clothing is prohibited in certain areas and children are allowed.

Clothing-optional means just that, optional. People can chose to be nude, partially nude or remain clothed. Many first timers like this idea so that they can “ease” into the idea of total nudity. Many females, start out being topless, because they are comfortable, and then progress to being totally nude.

Two Creeks clothing-optional venue allows for more flexibility. We are all adults over the age of 21 who are naturists, nudists, newbies and others who enjoy being nude.  What they all have in common is the freedom to be them self without the worries of breaking any laws.

What makes Two Creeks different than other clothing-optional resorts and campgrounds?

1.  We are strictly and adults’ only community.  You must be over 21 to attend.  We believe, those under 21, need a few more years to accept the freedom of being nude.

2. You don’t have to get naked to feel included at Two Creeks.

3.  We are a community, not just a resort/campground.  We have 166 seasonal sites where you  can have your “cabin on wheels” and relax in a community of adults only.

4.  Every other weekend, from the first week in May to mid October, there is an event with a dance on Friday and Saturday nights.  Many visitors and citizens never leave the campground, once they come up for the weekend.

5.  Every other weekend when there isn’t a dance, it becomes a Lazee Daze Weekend.  It’s a weekend, just to be your beautiful self with other like-minded people. On this weekend, nothing is planned by management.  It’s a weekend where the “citizens” take charge.  We have seen impromptu dances, potluck socials, steak dinners, ATV trips, just laying around being soaking up the sun, and more.  It’s whatever!!! After all, it’s all adults enjoying the fruits of freedom.

We don’t have a tent.  Do you have Camper Trailers for rent?

You don’t have to tent to come to Two Creeks.  We have cabins for rent at reasonable rates.  They have all a refrigerator and a queen size bed, etc.  You will need to bring are linen, food, refreshment and toiletries, i.e. soap, tooth brush, and the like.  To see what’s available along with the rates, go here to the Reservation Form and scroll toward the bottom.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call us at 320-245-6803 or click here to contact us.

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