Lease Holder’s Contract

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This lease is made between Two Creeks Campground, 62399 Duxbury Rd, Sandstone, MN 55072, herein called Lessor and _____________________________________, herein called Lessee.

1. Terms and Rent. Lessor demises the above premises commencing ____________, 20____ and terminating __________, 20_____ provided herein at the rental of $_______.____ (______________________________), payable in full on or before _____________, 20_____. Rental payment shall be made to Lessor at the address specified above. Notice is required 30 days prior to your rental termination date (see above) to renew or terminate your lease for the following year. A year/season is from May 1 to October 31 of any calendar year.

2. Membership Requirement: This is a private campground. At least a one year membership is required in our private association. You must maintain your membership in our private association in order to lease or renew your lease at Two Creeks Campground. Only registered guests and members of the similar lifestyle community approved by the Lessor are allowed on the campground.

3. Pets, Cigarettes and Glass Bottles: Well behaved pets are allowed at Two Creeks Campground at the discretion of the owners (written details about our Pet Policy is available upon request). All pets must be on a leash at all times, and Lessee must clean up after their pets. No glass bottles, of any kind are allowed on the campground property. It is OK to have bottles in or on your site. Cigarettes butts must not be placed on lawn, grass, or anywhere outside of an ashtray. A fine of $100 per incident will be imposed on any Lessee or guest seen with a bottle, disposing cigarettes improperly, or an unleashed pet on the campground.

4. Minimum age of lease holders: No person under the age of 21 allowed to have a lease.  However, one can be over the age of 19 to visit.

5. Noise Control. No loud or obtrusive noises between Midnight and 8 AM. Please respect requests by anyone at anytime to hold noise down. (exception to this rule are campsites designated as “party central” on entertainment nights. These will be designated by Lessor and allowed extended noise hours with approved entertainment)

6. Campground appearance.

“One of our goals is to maintain this beautiful area with utmost neatness and appearance. We would hope everyone will help make this the best looking campground in America!”

Approved campers only. All units must be well maintained. No large dents, rust, broken windows, or other visual defects.

The park shall provide mowing and trimming of maintenance of all unoccupied lots. The Renter is responsible for the following on their lot: tree debris cleanup, mowing, raking, trash removal, firewood storage, other buildings, landscaping as desired (approved only), storage of materials, lighting, decorations

Firewood is allowed to be neatly stored near or under campers. Each unit is allowed a table, fire-ring, and trash can. All other materials and items must be stored in approved buildings or under campers, with visual screening.

No cigarette butts on the ground please. Dispose of in fire rings or approved containers.

Any permanent improvement to campsites, such as landscapes, decks and patios, must be approved by Lessor. Remember that certain special events will require campsites to be shared, and you may be asked to change or remove your landscape to provide more room or for safety reasons.

Permanent improvements are considered the property of the Lessor, and must be maintained and made safe by the Lessee. However, when the rental agreement terminates, any materials which are not removed become the property of the campground. Any damage to the site, or expense occurred to restore the site to original condition will be billed to the Lessee.

Buildings must meet certain standards and can only be used as approved by Lessor. In general, only wood or plastic structures which aesthetically blend with a natural campground setting are permitted, with a maximum size of 100 sq.ft. Any structures not removed by the rental termination becomes the property of the campground.

The following items are strictly forbidden for outside storage: Refrigerators, wood, metal, tools, fuel containers, trash (outside of permitted containers), or any other item not listed as “approved”

The following items are permitted for exterior: Camping tables, grills, vehicles (including carts and ATVs.) firewood, decorations and ornaments,

No tree trimming, pruning, carving, or removal allowed. No wood, dead or alive, removed from any surrounding wooded area. (Firewood may be bought into the campground, or purchased therein)

Lessees are encouraged to maintain healthy lawns. Watering (between 10 AM and 5 PM only) is allowed, and fertilizing encouraged. The Lessee may also mow their lot.

7. Parking, Roads, Cars, ATV, Golf Carts. To give us all more room, minimize grass damage, and aesthetically improve the grounds, we request all vehicles to be parked in the designated parking area (unused lots, north side of campground if necessary) at all times except for loading / unloading. Tent campers or those who must use their vehicle as part of the camping experience are permitted to keep it by them. Carts or ATVs can be neatly parked on your lot, but driven only on main campground roads. Maximum speed for any vehicle anywhere is 10 MPH. ATVs can only be used to exit or enter campground. ATVs cannot be used for transportation in the campground. Golf carts may be used for transportation in the campground. All golf carts and ATVs must be equipped with headlights and rear reflectors.

8. Etiquette. All lifestyle rules apply in this campground. These include rules of conduct (“NO” means “NO”), no drugs or other illegal substances, no cameras or any visual recording equipment.

9. Right to Terminate. The campground Lessor has full authority to terminate any rental agreement, revoke any and all privileges, and expel any person or unit from this property. If lease is not renewed, the lot/camp site must be relinquished and trailer and personal belongings must be removed no later 6pm on the date this rental contract terminates. Lessee agrees that any items remaining on property after this time, will become the property of the Lessor.

10. Guests. It is the tenant’s (Lessee) responsibility to inform their guests that they must check in and register at the office BEFORE entering the campgrounds. All guests must be over the age of 21. If you have a guest staying in your unit, and it’s not a special event, the cost per guest is $25 per person, per night. If there is a special event, the event rate will apply. If the guest is tenting on your lot, the cost will be $30 per night, per person. Electricity, if needed, will be an additional $15 per night. RVs cost will be $55 per night, and that includes electricity, if needed. All prices are subject to change at the discretion of the Lessor. The lessee cannot have a guest, guest camper, non camping vehicle, and other unauthorized equipments on his/her lot, unless lessor is also in attendance, and has the approval of the Lessor. ALL guests must be a member of Club H or MN Party Connection.

11. Insurance. Lessee, at own expense, shall maintain insurance, including personal property, bodily injury and property damage insuring with minimum coverage. The lessor is not responsible for loss, damage or injury to persons or property. Lessee also certifies that all motorized vehicles, including but not limited to ATVs, golf carts, cars, RVs, are properly insured.

12. Ordinances and Statues. Lessee shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities now in force, or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the premises, occasioned by or affecting the use thereof by Lessee.

13. Utilities. All applications and connections necessary for utility services on the demised premises shall be made in the name of the Lessee only, and Lessee shall be solely liable for utility charges as they become due, including those for electricity and telephone.

14. Special Events and dances at campground. Cost of rental may include all special events and dances at the campground, to include, but not limited to SwingStock. Lessee agrees that during special events as defined by Lessor to share campsite/lot as deemed necessary. The Lessor reserves the right to assess fees for special events as deemed necessary. If the lessee is present during the special event, the fee must be paid by lessee.

15. Storage. The cost for storage is $200 from November 1 to April 31 of the following year. Electric and water must disconnect by October 31, and cannot be connected until on or after May 1 of the following year.

16. Special Assessments. The Lessor reserves the right to assess each Lessee/Tenant additional fees to cover unforeseen expenses of the campground, as deemed necessary.

17. Additional Electric Appliance. Lessor will charge extra for such items as additional refrigerator, space heater, and the like. The cost will be at least $30 per month, per item.

18. Indemnity. Lessee, and/or guests shall defend, indemnify and hold Two Creeks Campground, its owners, managers, agents, contractors, and employees, harmless from and against action of any kind, including any damage or injury to person or property, amounts of any judgments, penalties, interests, court costs and legal expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs of legal assistants, incurred by us in defense of same, arising in favor of any party or account of claims, liens, debts, personal injury or death or damages to property, and all other claims or demands of every character occurring or in any way incident to, in connection with or arising out of the conduct of Lessee, guests or other tenants at the campground. In a nutshell, you (Lessee) agree not to sue the Lessor or it’s agents in order to be a member of Two Creeks Campground.

Remember, you are on private property. The owner has full rights and authority over this property and is legally obligated to provide a safe environment for everyone. You are privileged to be among this elite group!

The above rules and regulations are subject to change. Please see us for the current lease/contract.

Please read your lease for updated information.