A Tribute to “Moulin Rouge” by AJ and Clare Weekend, Friday to Sunday, May 17 – 19, 2024

A Tribute to “Moulin Rouge”

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Embark on a weekend of uninhibited enchantment at our clothing optional, sex positive campground. The allure of Moulin Rouge meets the open-minded embrace of exploration.

Friday’s Dance invites you to express your unique style with bohemian-inspired costumes, celebrating diversity and creative freedom under the stars. You are invited to participate in the dance and showcase your imaginative attire, adding an exciting layer to the night’s festivities. Dance the night away to our DJ, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Visit old friends and meet new ones.  

At 6 pm. Saturday, Participate in a community pot-luck. This is a great way to get to know people. Then grab a few French inspired spirits as you join us for a camp-wide cart crawl. This is a lot like a pub crawl but with golf carts that stop at campsites for a get together. 

Saturday night, “Rhythm of the Night”  Dance party surrounded by the accepting and sex-positive community and transport yourself into the electrifying world of the Moulin Rouge. Ladies, adorn attire that mirrors the vivacious and spirited style of the can-can dancers with ruffles, frills, and a dash of theatrical flair. Gentleman, come dressed to impress. Think tailored suits in vibrant reds, blacks, or purples, bow ties, top hats and all the accessories. The costume contest will allow you to showcase your dazzling interpretation. Let Saturday night be a celebration of the Moulin Rouge can-can spirit, where self-expression, pleasure, and connection intertwine in a truly unforgettable weekend experience. 

Do we need to say more? Come enjoy this weekend with your friends!!! This is your chance to get away and enjoy life to the fullest. Come enjoy nature and each other at Two Creeks Campground, a 100 acre, totally secluded, clothing-optional campground/lifestyle friendly community just north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, near Sandstone, Minnesota.

At this community you’ll be able to be yourself! Feel free to shed your clothes, along with the stress of life; feel free to express yourself in a very peaceful setting. After all, there are absolutely no kids here. Everyone in attendance is an adult, successful in life, and enjoys the freedom that this soiree has to offer.

If you can’t camp for the weekend, just come up for the dance and socializing and camaraderie. You entrance fee is good all day/night long (see the reservation form for details).

Attendance is as little as $45 per single/couple per day; come for one, two, three or more days.

Don’t have a tent or trailer? We also rent large cabins, all setup with water, sewer, electric, and air conditioning, all ready for you to use; or 10′ X 10′ or 12′ X 12′ cabins with microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator and queen size bed and  if you prefer, tents are also available to rent (we’ll even setup the tent for you).  See the reservation form for details.  See the reservation form for details.

So come on out, get invigorated at your weekend “cabin” in the north woods. To register please click here.