Thank you guys so much for a great time. Devon, Chantel and I can’t stop talking about how comfortable and fun your campground is. Already planning trips back for next year. Everyone was so friendly and great. Best place we have ever been. Thank you again 

Rickie, Winnipeg, MB


I just cannot stop thinking about how much fun this past weekend was! Roxie was the best entertainment I feel that I’ve ever seen at camp, and AJ is such a great dj! The themed potluck was so much fun, and the whole weekend events were just so much fun! I know I mentioned it to you at the White Party, but Kirk and I can’t stop talking about how much fun it was and how much we miss camp already! Thank you and Stefanie both for having such a wonderful welcoming and open place!

W & K, Golden Valley, MN


Youguys are awesome!

Mike B, St. Paul, MN


The entire experience is out of this world, obviously in a positive way. Since we had the first interaction on the phone for the reservation with Glenn and Stephanie, we received lots of respect and good tips for our first trip to a clothing optional campground. On the arrival day, Stephanie greeted us at the gates with a huge smile and made us feel at home. She explained everything to us in great detail. Every time that you listen “Welcome Home” is not just words, you are home. One more time, we always received respect from everyone and that’s the key for us. The residents are so welcoming, helpful and respectful.

The facilities are AMAZING (make you a favor and try the outdoor showers). During the entire weekend there is always something going on: potlucks, karaoke, sharing food and drinks with visitors and residents, dance parties at night or just hanging around. This is the place where you are never going to feel judged for your body type or preferences. Sunday during our return trip to the cities we smiled at each other and talked about how re-energized we were feeling after a weekend at Two Creeks. We are looking forward to becoming residents and spend the summers at this unique and magical place that stole our hearts. Guys, thanks for sharing this jewel with us. See you soon, when we return home.

R & Y, Cottage Grove, MN


Friends can be found everywhere, but none have anything on those made at Two Creeks!

J and P, Minneapolis, MN


Nathan and I would like to say thank you. I was very unsure of this place the whole 7 hrs it took to get there(not feeling well) didn’t help. But let me tell you within the first 30 min I felt more at home then I do at our own family functions. So we WILL be seeing you fine folks again!!!!

M and H, Cavour SD

I just wanted to follow-up on our tour and say that both my fiance and I had a fantastic visit to your campground! Glen was a great guide and helped show us what you all had on offer at Two Creeks. We were very impressed!
We also had the opportunity to sit with two other campers there to ask about their experiences and heard nothing but great things. Which is good, because it felt almost too good to be true!
I just wanted to thank you, the management, for doing such a great job and for fostering such a great, close community. My fiancé and I are very excited to camp there, having just submitted our reservation form today for later this month.

Thank you again, we’re eager to come home 🙂

M & R,  St Paul, MN
We wanted to let everyone know what an awesome time we had at our first at 2 creeks stay! Being new to the scene we did not know what to expect and we were a titch nervous on the drive there. The nervous butterflies disappeared as soon as we met the Owner Glen. Glen and Toni are so warm and welcoming. During our tour we met some fun people at a campsite suitably named “Misfits.” We were instantly welcomed and made to feel right at home. Later that night when the rain started coming down we happily got “stuck” at a campsite named “Bandcamp.” This group of friends were very welcoming, non-judging, and showed us a good time as well. We will be back!!
J and D, Marshall, MN

Cheryl and I really want to say thank you for allowing us to come up this weekend.   Since we have been coming there we have made some really good friends and we’re happy that they invited us to stay with them if our plans fell through.

Cheryl and I would really like to know if you drink wine or what your beverage of choice is.  We can not tell you just how happy you have made us.  We truly feel like family.

Cheryl and Chad, Farmington, MN
The folks at 2 Creeks are Truly the Best & Most Friendly people Diane & I have ever met.
Leo and Diane, Fargo, ND 

The time I spent there on clean up day was not worth any reward from 2 creeks. The time I spent there was very enjoyable and is just the place I wish to continue enjoying.

Glen does a very a very good job on the tour of the grounds. I talked with him the following morning and he is a very understanding man and made me feel very much at home.c.

2 creeks is just what my doctor ordered.

Thanks for being there for me.

Red, Warba, MN


One of if not the best evening we have had!!!! That was just outstanding!!!!

L and R, Superior, WI


Thanks for making us feel so at home. We will be back and will tell our friends about this wonderful place!

Megan & Ben, Madison, WI


Hi again everybody. Amy and I just wanted to thank all our you for making our first visit to Two Creeks a great experience. You were all very welcoming and made us feel extremely comfortable. Two Creeks is definitely going to become a weekend getaway place for us moving forward. Thank you again and we look forward to getting to know you better on our next visit. Have a great fall and winter!

A and B, Grand Rapids, MN


It was a much needed weekend. Thanks for your hospitality and that of the others there. For my first visit to a nudist camp it could not have gone better. Thank you.

John, Sioux Falls, SD

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