About Two Creeks Circle of Friends Membership

RuleIf I/we are accepted for membership in Two Creeks Circle of Friends, I/We, the undersigned, do hereby release Two Creeks Campground, Aspire, Inc., it’s owners, staff, employees, agents, or any affiliated persons/organizations from any and all liability arising as a result of my/our attendance and/or participation in/at any club function, or as a result of any subsequent meetings, contacts or circumstances with any of the of the owners, staff, employees, members, guests, agents, or any affiliated persons/organizations now or in the future.

I/We warrant and represent that I/we are neither a reporter nor work for any publication, radio or television stations and is not obtaining information for public information or expose, unless written permission was received from Two Creeks Campground/Aspire Inc.

I/we will not use my/our membership and/or my/our knowledge of Two Creeks Campground, it’s owners, staff, employees, members, guests, agents, activities, or any affiliated persons/organizations, or anything relating to Two Creeks Campground/Aspire, Inc., against the same, in any way, in pursuit/connection/relation to my/our place of employment/occupation/affiliations or those of any other person’s agency/affiliation/etc. I/we will not speak to anyone of/from the above agencies, or like, including but not limited to news, media agencies of any kind, or any organizations under any circumstances without club management approval.

I/we agree to all the following:

I/we agree that the standard rules of etiquette, social behavior shall prevail at all times and benefits listed above are subject to change.

I/we agree that discretion is of utmost importance. Who and what is seen, must and will be kept in strictest confidence.

I/we will not at this time, or any other, attend any Two Creeks Campground and affiliate’s function for the purpose of prostituting myself, my partner, or anyone else. I am at this and any association function for my personal pleasure and will not try to bring harm to anyone attending these social gatherings.

I/we will abide by any and all rules of the club and all state and local laws.

I/we declare that I/we are over the age of 19 (21 to have a seasonal lease)

I/we authorize Two Creeks Campground/Aspire, Inc. to occasionally send notices or material that is of relevance to my/our membership via postal mail or internet e-mail. We will notify AttractionUSA immediately of any changes regarding this, or any other information included in this application.

I/we understand that this charge will be listed on my credit card as PayPal 2 Creeks, Two Creeks Campground or Aspire, Inc. and is non-refundable.

I/we certify that all the information given above is truthful to the best of our ability.

I/we agree that should I violate any rules of the association or have lied or deceived to gain acceptance that Two Creeks Campground/Aspire, Inc. may terminate my membership without any notice, refund or money owed to me/us.

I/we confirm that I/we have never been convicted of a sexual offense or felony involving bodily harm or threats of bodily harm, or an offense involving child pornography.

By sending in this membership application, I certify that I have read the above, and printed a copy for my records.