Naughty School Daze Weekend, Friday to Sunday, June 12 – 14, 2015 – A Clothing Optional Event

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Model wearing a schoolgirl uniform with pigtails hairClass is in session!  Now all you bad girls and boys report to detention.

It’s the Naughty School Daze Weekend, Friday, June 12th through June 14th, 2015.  Come and enjoy your naughty detention with other bad boys and girls and see what happens when all you naughty people get together.  Behave or there may be a spanking!

schoolgirl01lWe will have a meet and greet on Friday at 9pm, so you can meet other naughty people with music for you bad boys and girls.  From there you can be your naughty self for the night.

Saturday, enjoy time with your new found friends however you like.  Have a relaxed day, go for a day trip, or just  be your naughty self.

At 6pm we will have a potluck dinner, so we invite you to bring your favorite dish to share and your beverage of choice.  Enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and get ready for the dance later.

schoolgirl02lAt 9pm it’s the Naughty School Party!  Put on your little plaid skirts and your boy shorts and let’s get naughty!  Be careful, the Principal may be coming to punish you bad boys and girls.  After the dance, you are at recess and can do as you please!

So bring your naughty self and get ready for a weekend of being bad!

If you can’t or don’t want to camp for the weekend, just come up for the dance and socializing on Friday or Saturday night.

We also rent Travel Trailers all set up with water, sewer, electric, 2 pillows, sheets, blanket, utensils, pots, pans, and air conditioning, all ready for you to use (see reservation form for details).

Please click here to register or to see other options for this event using a major credit card or call 320-245-6803 to register over the phone.

cinco de mayo, swingo de mayo, minnesota clothing optional campgroundThis event is a Minnesota Clothing Optional Party. If you’re offended by nudity, this is not the event to attend. Your attendance is your agreement that you’re not offended by seeing human beings nude at this Clothing Optional Event.

This event is being held about 90 minutes north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and is for those who would like to celebrate FREEDOM, and would like to associate with like-minded people.  Please click here to register for this event.

 Please click here to register for Naughty School Daze