RAVES Weekend Two Creeks, Friday to Sunday, October – 6-8, 2023



gay, lesbian, nude, nudists, minnesota, clothing optional, wisconsin, state forestR.A.V.E!!! – We are getting together to rave about our residents. They have been working hard all summer caring for our campground, creating fun events for our weekend visitors, fundraising, participating in themed pot luck dinners, enjoying fun dances and parties, and when they have spare time: SHANANAGANS!! So we are creating an awards event to honor their efforts. 

Friday night the residents will be hosting a Meet and Greet Social. There will be light music, tables games, fun and prizes. This is a great way to meet people. Get to know the people of Two Creeks during this low key get together. Feel free to bring snacks and BYOB.

minnesota clothing optional campground, dress as you likeSaturday evening the residents of Two Creeks Campground will be celebrating each other with a fun presentation and awards ceremony. They are hosting a charcuterie pot luck appetizer buffet, so bring a snack to share. Sit back watch the show and see what the campers at Two Creeks have been up to this summer season. 

 Saturday Night. R.A.V.E.!!! Realtime Audio Experience

At  R.A.V.E.s this year the gang has planned an actual RAVE. A classic RAVE from the ’90s we are all about the audio visual experience. Its all about the lights and sounds. Super up beat dance music with visuals that match. Blending art, music and culture. Peace, love, unity, respect, tolerance and happiness. New aged hippy vibe with lights and electronic music. Bring your brightest neon clothing or black light reflective clothes. Bring glow sticks, and dancing shoes to experience audios and visuals that out of this world.Dance your heart out to upbeat music and enjoy the light show that takes your senses to the next level. It will not only make you see the music but you will feel the music!


At any time during your visit, we have tennis, pickle ball, hula hoops, pool, basket ball or bean bag toss.  All are available at no cost to you.

This event will  give you a chance to be as social or quiet as you like.  You may have questions.  Can we go nude? YES!   How will we feel? At Two Creeks we do our best to provide a relaxed no pressure atmosphere. What about our bodies?  Two Creeks believes that all bodies are beautiful, we are not a “cookie cutter” group.  Will this add spice to our lives? How far you go is up to you! Can we shower outside nude? Yes, we have indoor and outdoor showers. As a new friend, you will see that nothing is required, except for you to be your beautiful self.  At Two Creeks you’ll see people of all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds, out just relaxing and enjoying themselves.  Soon, you’ll be with other adults telling jokes, grilling, or just sunning.

minnesota clothing optional, wisconsin clothing optionalCome on out to Two Creeks, Minnesota’s clothing optional, all lifestyles friendly campground and enjoy a RAVES Weekend. PARTY. It’s your chance to do whatever you want to do, without any commitment to do anything.

Don’t feel like leaving? Then enjoy the 100 secluded acres, the two creeks on the property, and the abundance of wildlife (and we are not just talking about the people)! Bring a grill or rent one of ours.  Whatever you feel like doing,  you can do it, as long as it’s not forced, coerced or illegal! It’s your choice to enjoy your RAVES weekend party. 

About the Residents And Volunteers Excellence Service – RAVES

RAVES is done by the residents/permanent campers at Two Creeks.

This allows to them celebrate each other.

The anticipation is over!! Want to know what the people of 2C have been doing all summer? Come out the weekend of October 6th to find out! We will be sharing some of our best memories, crazy antics, and new found friendships.

clothing optional campground

Entrance and camping fees are as little as $45 per couple/per person per day.

These rates are discounted to PAID members of Two Creeks Circle of Friends, Club H/MPC, FE, LL, SV, SDC, CND, and SLS. If you’re not a PAID member of any of these organizations, you have the opportunity to become a member.  Please see the reservation form for details.

So come get invigorated at your weekend “cabin” in the north woods. To register for this event, please click here.

Don’t have a tent or trailer? We also rent fully equipped 10′ X 10′ or 12′ X 12′ cabins with microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator and queen size bed and  if you prefer, tents are also available to rent (we’ll even setup the tent for you).  See the reservation form for details.  See the reservation form for details.

clothing optional games


What To Expect At Two Creeks

Clothing Optional culture stands in opposition to many conventional social values, especially with regard to some of the more generally accepted standards of modesty and decency. As a result some people misinterpret that to mean that we are completely anti-establishment and that anything goes within the confines of our clothing optional campground. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Nudists/Clothing Optional camping, like all cultures, have codes of conduct that define acceptable and unacceptable etiquette and behavior. There are definitely some things that you should know while visiting Two Creeks Campground.

  1. Do make a reservation! Don’t show up without calling ahead and making a reservation. First time guests must make a reservation. By showing up without making a reservation, there is a good chance that you’ll be turned away. Also, Two Creeks requires you to bring a photo identification with you, such as your driver’s license or passport. You will not be allowed on the property without an identification and signing the waiver.
  2. While genuinely a friendly lot, our clothing-free/clothing optional attendees have an expectation of privacy. You are not required to tell campers your full info.  Typically many only offer first names during introductions.  Whatever other information (occupations or places of employment) that you give is up to you.  Simply share and accept what you and others are willing to share. You’ve heard this saying, but whatever you see or hear at Two Creeks, stays at Two Creeks.
  3. Always, when nude, take a towel with you when walking around the campground. It’s for reasons of personal hygiene to carry a towel. Never sit on a picnic bench, golf cart, chair, etc., without first placing a towel under your derriere.
  4. It’s a clothing optional campground, so it’s up to you. You can walk in any manor of dress or undress.  We do require at least a bathing suit for potluck socials. If you’re uncomfortable being totally nude, just start at your comfort level (swimsuit shorts or bikini bottom) to start out. It’s your choice and comfort level.
  5. Don’t be a gawker/watcher. This environment is all about socializing. Be sociable. Walk up and introduce yourself. Start a conversation. Try some eye contacts, rather than just staring at “private” parts. Don’t just stare. People will think you’re weird.
  6. Everybody is different and we mean that. Every “body” is different. Don’t dwell on what you think a perfect body ought to be. We come in all shapes and sizes and all are acceptable. Don’t talk negatively about someone else. If you like, make a compliment, if you don’t, move on.
  7. Don’t take photographs of others without asking permission. Your best bet is to take photos of only people you’ve asked. Also, cameras are not allowed in the common areas, such as the dances, events, dinners, etc. Leave your camera in your camper or tent. Violation of this policy, could have negative consequences, such as being asked to leave, immediately.
  8. Even though we want you to experience the Freedom of Two Creeks, please make sure that others around you are comfortable with your activities. So, when unsure, ask your neighbors, if it’s OK for you to be an “exhibitionist.”
  9. This should be common sense, but never go into another person’s camper or tent without their permission. Never “borrow” anything from their camper, tent, lot, etc., without their permission.
  10. Just use common sense, follow the rules, remember “no” means “no” and you’ll have a great time.

See YOU here!