The Use of Space Heaters

We rarely take this approach when dealing with an problem at Two Creeks and we tend to go directly to someone should there be an issue.

Last year, the electricity bill went through the roof for various reasons, i.e. we had more weekenders and many of the residents are staying up longer and using more electricity than normal. One of the contributing factors during the cool days, i.e. spring and fall is the use of space heaters.

The reason why many campers use space heaters is to save on their propane. Thus, we’ll get a larger electric bill. What many fail to realize is with ECE and commercial businesses such as us (a campground), the more electricity we use, the larger, the per kilowatt charge is. Yup, our rate actually goes up, the more we use.

According to it could cost up to $7.20 per day to use a space heater. Rounding up to the nearest dollar it could cost about $15 per camper/weekend to use a space heater. Now, if 60 sites (60 percent) are using space heaters, it could cost about $900 per weekend. Now multiply that by four weekends, that would be $3600 per month.

Now, imagine, if an unknown amount of people leave their space heaters going all week, during the cold weather. That could cost over $50 extra per camper, each week.

How do we solve this issue?

  1. Well, we could require that you unplug your electricity each week from the electric pedestal. Well, that’s not workable for most residents, because you have your refrigerator going with meat, pop, soda, etc.
  2. Ban everyone from using a space heater in their camper. We realize that we have the most honest people in the world, and most of you wouldn’t cheat because you’re honorable.
  3. Meter everyone’s lot; charge everyone a surcharge to put meters in and require a deposit up front. Management actually hates this idea, because we’ll have to become a bill collector and read everyone meter. It’s way more work for us, and we’ll add a surcharge tor the time we are using to do this.

Having looked over several of the above options, and others we have not mentioned, we have decided to go with the Honor System. Because you’re honorable, we are asking anyone that is using a space heater to notify us of its use so that you can pay for the extra electricity that’s being used. The cost for use of electricity on your average space heater is $7.50 per day. You must pay before you leave the campground at the end of your visit (each weekend). You can pay in person by cash, check or online at . When paying on line be sure to mention that you are paying for the use of your space heater and the dates that the space heater was used.

It will help immensely if you take an extra five minutes to walk around your camper inside and out to make sure all of your lights and any electrical appliance you may have is turned off before you leave camp at the end of your visit. In the summer months, please be sure to shutoff your air conditioner.

If you have any questions, please let us know by sending email to

See you at Two Creeks and Namaste’!

Two Creeks Management Team